Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things I've Learned Thursday...Bonus Kids Style

Right when I planned to do a post about our 1922 house, I came home to find it stripped bare, as if termites had eaten the siding off of it. Even the beautiful climbing rose, over the doorway, was demolished. There was a "reasonable" explanation....wood rot. So, the house is going under intense "surgery" and in the meantime, there's nothing at the moment, I'd be brave enough to show.

I've never been a Bonus Mom before. I really hate the word step-mother. It's not that I have this view that I'm "their" mom and need to show who's boss because they have a mom and I'm not it. But, I think the word "step" throws me off. It makes me think of either someone that is getting stepped on or someone who is doing the stepping. So, here I am....a happy Bonus Mom.

Here's what I've learned being a Bonus Mom....

1) Certain foods are only acceptable if they are brand acceptable. Power Puff Boo (the youngest of the bunch) is a brand enthusiast and by the wink of a caterpillar's eye, she won't eat unless she knows what brand it is. Then, if it's not let's say, "Bush's baked beans" she's not eating it!

2) Boy Wonder Boo (the oldest and only boy boo) always starts his morning out singing. He sings throughout the day. I have yet to hear whether he sings in his sleep but I bet he does.

3) Cuddle Boo, (middle boo) has the organizing, rearranging, unplugging, taking apartingest spirit I've ever seen. One morning, I got up and every picture (15 to be exact) was hanging on the wall.
4) Hop Boo (oldest boo who is Her Own Person) likes to shock everyone with threats of tattoos, piercings, shaved and dyed hair and "cuddly" rats as sleep over guests. She doesn't realize that nothing she says or does can really astound me. Been there, done that. I still adore her.

5) Selah has now found out what being "one of the girls" is all about. She has a non-stop appetite for things that the girly boos feed her and a beggar she is. (She used to have manners!)
6) Sticky Kool-aid on wooden floors is NOT soothing to this Bonus Mom's clean gene. I'm trying overlook the crumbs, spills, wet towels on the floor, unwrapped food and cooking experiments in the fridge.

7) I can't stand the song, "I love you like a love song, baby!" What happen to music that was intellectually catchy???

8) J will do anything to appease his girly boos even if it means watching the Disney Channel and shows like, The Life and Times of an American Teen and Pregnant at 16.
9) Having all the Boos here to celebrate my birthday meant more to me than all of them will ever know.

10) I treasure the quiet (but it's mainly when they are asleep).

What have you learned?


Mari said...

I love the term Bonus Mom, and I think you will be a great one! I bet it's also one of the hardest things you've done. You have a beautiful family!

Brian Miller said...

i would agree you would be great, just reading your learnings...some made me smile...

PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

There is no life better than life with family; the bigger, the better. You won the lottery with this one, it seems.

This past week, I've been reminded that there are blessings in everything....even the things that appear most bleak.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Bonus Mom is awesome so much better than Step! Sounds like you are getting adjusted and thankfully you have experience with your own Boos ! I'm happy you were surround with love on your birthday! Have a wonderful weekend!

Ina in Alaska said...

I am a step mom and it has never worked out for me in the 24 years of marriage to Mr. O. Someone told me being one is thankless charity work and that is correct.

But you have a bright spirit and a happy heart and great ideas so it will be ok in the end, especially if they have split custody. Mine's mom passed so they were with us all the time. Many problems. All are grown and gone and it has sorted out but they largely ignore me and that is ok too.

Sweet Tea said...

I don't like the term Step Mom either, it make me think of Cinderella's EVIL stepmother. Bonus is a Great choice...You have a big job ahead of you blending two families into one, but you are obviouisly up for the job.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

Daughter #1 was 8 years old when Terry and I got married. He was only 26 and had never been married or had children. He weathered many storms during her teen years. By the time she was 18 things changed and they are very close now. You have got so much more wisdom than he had. Like you said, you've been there.

I wish you well.

Days Like These by Tanyetta said...

Ohhh!!! Bonus Mom! LOVE THAT! :) CUTE story :)

Anita said...

Hi Simone, I've caught up a little by reading your last 3 posts; or was it 4 or 5? Anyway, I am so happy for you! You have so much love in your life - your twin (Happy Belated Birthday to both of You), your children, son in law, husband, and your new bonus kids! That's a lot intermingling and attention that you must be getting, and that you have to try to give back.

Take care of yourself as it all comes together. Schedule some breathing time; a half hour alone in the park or something. You'll probably want to race back home after missing them, and you'll have a clear head.

Post again when you can. xo

Reston Friends! said...

Faith, prayer, and humor will blend your family into the bonus all around! On the stickiest-koolaid days, remind yourself that God placed these boos in your life and someday He'll be asking you how you did with them. We want a big smile on both faces, right?

That said, it's okay to be human. Learning to forgive and love all over again is part of the journey.

Just reading between the lines here, they are some blessed, blessed, boos!

Jill said...

I think you sound like a terrific mom and they are so blessed to have you in their lives!


Buckeroomama said...

I've always love the terms you coin! :)

Veronica Lee said...

I'm very sure you make a terrific mom to your very blessed step kids.

Life with Kaishon said...

This made me cry a little.
I love you like a love song baby?
That sounds positively brilliant compared to the trash the kids have been listening to lately...I was letting them listen to their music on the way home from the city tonight and it was so crazy. And filled with curse words : (

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

I'm not fond of step either. In our house it's Dad!


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