Thursday, December 29, 2011

Things I've Learned Thursday

1) I have foot in mouth disease. I often say things that come out way different than intended. Case in point, I was at the grocery store the other day, searching for the nuts. There was a grocery clerk stocking shelves and he asked, "Can I help you?" My reply??? "Can you show me your nuts?" Seriously! That is what came out of my mouth. Poor guy. He stood up, red in the face and stuttered, "I think, umm, I think, oh, they're over there." Ten seconds later, it sunk it. I had asked him to show me his nuts!

2) Curling irons should only be operated with a hazmat suit. While curling my hair, (wand right next to face) the curling iron exploded. I saw a huge flame and electrical current right before my eyes. I'm surprised I didn't wet my pants. But, thankfully, the only thing that it did was blow out the circuit.

3) The greatest Christmas surprise was knowing that my twin sister will be coming out in February, thanks to her daughter giving her the gift of an airplane ticket.

4) Next year, Santa J will NOT be spending 33 dollars plus on candy for the stockings. Almost two weeks of sugar rush kids...not cool!

5) I love, love, love that J bought me the collector's edition of the Little Rascals. There's nothing like some Rascals to make me smile.

6) Marcus Camby of the Portland Trailblazers is germphobic. How can a pro basketball player be afraid of germs when sweaty hands are all over the ball??

7) My next invention will be oil for shoes to prevent fart sounds from happening with every footstep.

8) I look forward to the first of the year when burn out from sweets and junk food has me running for good and healthy food.

9) My daughters may be all grown up but they are still my kids.

10) I really mean it when I wish someone a happy new year.

What have you learned?


Annesphamily said...

I have learned that I truly love you! You are so sweet and I love how you write. I love number 1 on this list! Hee Hee! Your list is amazing and funny and sweet and just plain kind! Thanks for sharing! I wish you a beautiful new year!

Mari said...

I always love your things I learned! Number 1 is hilarious!
I love the way you are able to laugh at yourself and share those things.
I'm so happy for you that Syrone is coming to visit. :)

Brian Miller said...

yikes on the exploding curling iron...crazy...glad you are ok...i may have that same disease at times too...mines a little blunt at times...

vanilla said...

There are two of you? (First time visitor). May your visit together be everything you hope for.

What have I learned? Pleasant surprises happen serendipitously as in the instance of a wayward cursor opening a blog unexpectedly.


Linda Myers said...

I've learned that if I leave my visiting 11-year-old twin granddaughters to their own devices on a rainy day, they will entertain each other with only occasional comments from me. It doesn't have to be such hard work!

I've learned that, under the best of circumstances, twins visiting Grandma is tiring for Grandma!

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

You always make me laugh! That's what I learned this week.

Have a Happy New Year.

Veronica Lee said...

#1 LOL!

It's always such a delight to read your TILT post.

Have a wonderful 2012 Simone!!

SouthLakesMom said...

Great post! Our associate pastor's son has squeaky shoes that sound like tiny baby farts everytime the boy moves. He's only 4, so I guess it's okay. Oh yeah, they are white with a big orange UT on them.

They say Grandma bought them but we're beginning to wonder ... the whole family goes orange whenever Tennessee plays.

Leslie Payne said...

Oh thank you for that good belly laugh! What a great post.

I've learned I have a new friend in Oregon. :0)

MissKris said...

I really mean it when I wish someone Happy New Year, "Happy New Year, dear Simone!" :-)

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a blessed 2012 and you are cheering the Oregon Ducks for the rosebowl.


Farida Rizwan said...

LOL.. Laughing out loud at the start of the post... My elder sister would say things like that and it would never sink in until someone explained it to her.
Wishing you a very happy new year too.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

How exciting that your sis is coming to see you. Awesome!

I am cracking up about the nuts!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Yikes! on the curling iron. That had to be very scary, Simone.

I'm overdosing on Christmas candy too but it's so hard to resist.

It's so great that your sister is coming to visit. I'm thrilled for you. That's a great gift to both of you.

Wishing you a wonderful, happy and healthy 2012.

xo jj

Suz said...

I am back to blogging after a long absence. I love reading your stuff and have missed it tremendously.

I have had my problems with a curling iron but this one burned a nice 2 inch place on my forehead! What coordination??

I loved the farting shoes. I have that with my flip flops sometimes. Let me know if you come up with a solution.

Hope you and yours have a Happy and Exciting New Year!

Lin said...

I learned that the Little Rascals are on DVD--thanks to you! I love the Little Rascals. :)

Looks like you are going to have a great start to the new year with your sister coming out to see you. :) Oh, happy day!!

Wishing you a VERY happy New Year, pally!

Nezzy said...

I do truly love your 'Thursday' posts!!!

Girl, you do have a way with words!

You have a wonderful New Year sweetie!!! :o)

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Happy New Year, Simone! (And I truly mean that, too.) XOXO


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