Friday, February 10, 2012

8 Second - Impact

8 Seconds.,
My life ended with a period and then, began again, with a comma.

8 seconds has left a huge impact on me. In 8 seconds, I died. My heart stopped. Every function ceased. If my life was a sentence, there wasn’t a comma but a period at the end.

My life has always been filled with the unexpected. I wouldn’t know how to live it any other way. I was admitted into the hospital on 1/27/12 due to chest pains for over 2 weeks. The pain and other symptoms brought me there with the hopes of a diagnosis.

In an effort to get rid of the chest pains, I was given morphine in my IV while the medical technician was performing an EKG. I heard the technician ask me to put my arm down as it was propped up on a pillow. I looked at my arm but had no control over it. That was all I can remember before I was gone.

The heart has 3 “internal” pacemakers. When one ceases to function, another kicks in and when that one ceases, the third one acts as a backup. It is uncommon for all three “pacemakers” to cease but mine did. Even more puzzling was the lack of any electrical impulse or function.

As the medical team filled the room, according to Jeff, I opened my eyes. There were gasps and words of amazement. One of the medical team members said, “Wow! Would you look at that?” Later, an RN told my daughter, “This doesn’t happen. To have your mom open her eyes without any heart function is nothing short of a miracle.”

I reflect on those 8 seconds where I died yet I was more alive than ever before. I was looking down from a spectator view of myself. I saw a rebirth of sorts. I watched as my spirit began leaving the “costume” or “shell” of me behind. Every part of me was being pulled upward, away from what I knew as me. With one more leg and foot to go, I was almost free. But, I heard a voice faintly calling my name. I wanted to stay in that present yet, the voice grew louder. I opened my eyes, not knowing where I was. I started to close my eyes again, back to the warmth of what I saw. But, I was told to keep my eyes open. Then, my eyes locked on J and he embraced me and I knew that I was back.

A lot can happen in 8 seconds. You can…

v Eat one French fry (or 3, depending on your fry style)
v Catch a touch down pass
v Sing the first part of Awesome God – “Our God is an awesome God, he reigns in heaven above” (depending on the tempo).
v Kiss passionately
v Scramble an egg
v Greet someone in passing
v Send a text message
v Pick a flower
v Say a prayer of thanks
v Run to the mailbox
v Hammer a nail
v Buy a pack of gum from the store
v Put on a jacket.
v Roast a marshmallow
v Come up with a brilliant idea
v Listen – really listen as someone talks
v Cry
v Run a race
v Say goodbye


sjmcdowell said...


You have been given a miracle a rebirth a fresh start.
Spread your story wide and far.
This is what I believe to be true. Our time here on Earth is brief....God wants all of his children to come back home...but many will not make it...He still has hope...He has given us so much to believe and have faith in Him....but sometimes He will use us as His mouth piece to send a message loud and clear....that
He has a plan for All of us and if we have faith and believe in his word we will make it back home.

Even if only one person hears your story and gets will have helped the Lord bring one more child of His home to Heaven.

God Bless you Simone,


Veronica Lee said...

I'm so very glad you're OKAY, Simone! That was very frightening!

I pray that God will continue to shower you with his blessings.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Powerful 8 seconds....I'm glad you returned!

Anonymous said...

So very happy you are here and the new you is even sweeter, kinder and will be happier...Read your account of what happened...No matter that the place you went to was peaceful, sweet and slumbering (resting) God wanted you to be still among the living..You are special and especially loved..Now did the doctors figure out why it happened to you??? any expanation and why it happened????? Since your miracle happened are you more happy in God's world and with your family????? God Bless you and continued good health, may your path be light, God filled and joyful....

Brian Miller said...

powerful...8 seconds could win you a rodeo...well i imagine you did in that time...and def you have an incredible story to share...

Yvonne said...

Thank you for sharing this story. Proves we don't just go black, right? I'm glad that you are still here while the after life promises to be awesome for us all, we aren't in a rush!

Stacy said...

I can only imagine the wonder of what the other side feels like, but I'm glad you stayed with us for a while longer yet.

Lovely reminder of the importance of savoring each moment.

Nezzy said...

I am so glad you didn't say 'good~bye'. You have returned from an experience that few have been able to tell.

You write about your 'life changin' experience most eloquently. What a story you have to tell.

God bless ya sweetie and have an amazin' day!!! :o)

Marti said...

What an amazing story, a true testament that we are just here for a moment, and the beauty of what lies beyond for those who have made Heaven's reservations.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So glad you are here with us. I am amazed with this post. Cannot believe this happened to you. So how is your heart and what did they find out was wrong. I have to admit I love to hear stories like this. How has this changed your life? (other than still being here to live on earth)((HUGS))

Joanna Jenkins said...

BIg sigh Simone. I'm so glad you are here to tell the story. Be well my friend. You have a heart of gold and much left to do on this earth.
xoxoxo jj

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

Wow Simone, what a miracle you are. Your experience makes me take a big sigh. I can not imgaine how you must feel thinking of those moments. Very powerful stuff lady.

Leslie Payne said...

Thanks for telling us, Simone. Amazing. And told so well. It makes me ponder how this will impact the rest of your life. Do you see things differently now?
Grace & Peace.

Mining for Diamonds said...

Wow, I'm reading this and listened to my clock tick 8 seconds. It's such a whisper of a moment, and an eternity at the same time! What a story! Glad you are back with us to share it!

Nancy said...

Wow. Each breath of life, such a gift. Thank you for sharing your story. Blessings.

Megryansmom said...

Wow, just wow. I'm glad you stayed on this side! Did they ever figure out what happened to your heart?

Marydon said...

How blessed you are! There is a reason you were given this experience to share & a mission to continue in this life.

TY for your sweet visit from my Sherry-sis blog. Don't be a st ranger ...

Happy Valentine's, Simone ~

Beau's Mom said...

In 1984, I died alone in a hospital bed. I felt intense love just prior to my passing, and where all my worries were concerned, I felt a sense that all would be well.

But that was the last thing I felt. Just peace. I was extremely angry when I woke up to ice being poured on my body and all the pain returning.

For a moment, I knew nothing. There was no 'lifting' or awareness.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Wow, wow, wow. It wasn't your time; there's more for you here. But what a remarkable feeling to know the comfort of what waits ahead.

Jill said...

Thank God for the blessing of pulling through! He has big plans for you! How scary the experience must have been for you and your family! Keeping you in my prayers.


Deborah Ann said...

Wow, I'm so glad you're still with us! What a traumatic experience. God must have something planned here for you, that's all I can say. I love your list - your creativity never fails to amaze me...

Connie said...

What a miracle. You certainly are a child of God. Take care.

Twice as Nice said...

It's true how it only takes seconds to change a life. Whether is be a blessing or miracle such as a birth or the tragic news that someone we love is hurt or gone. We seem to remember just what we were doing when we receive devastating or life changing news.

Bless you and praying for your health.

Linda Myers said...

I'm thinking that eight seconds was a gift. Welcome back!

Anita said...

In 8 seconds, you can, literally, scare the hell out of the people trying to bring you back. And you can make the most fervent of prayers, pray even harder.

While it was a life changing experience for you and people involved in your life - don't you do that again!!! :)

Terra said...

What a dramatic and traumatic few seconds for you, and I am so happy you came back to us. What a close call; thank goodness you were surrounded by medical personnel. I pray for a full recovery for you so your bright spirit continues to shine on this blog and with all the people in your life.

Annesphamily said...

You are a real blessing to me. I have to come visit or I would be really sad. You write so passionately. You write beautifully and I am happy I know you!
Blessings, Anne

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Simone, shame on me for neglecting your blog for so long. You're an amazing writer and an even more amazing person. You should be so proud of yourself! Sending prayers for continued good health your way!


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