Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I love birthdays! I don't dread getting older. In fact, I actually embrace another adventurous year and look forward to living life with abundant joy. Yesterday, Simone and I had a chance to enjoy a little girly time. Even though she was still somewhat groggy, my twin sis made an effort to enjoy the short remaining time we had left of my visit.

The one thing about the two of us being together is that we will either find trouble or trouble will find us. When we're together, it's like there's an unwritten rule that we WILL get into mischief. Simone brings out my sense of daring. Maybe because I know that she has my back and that if I ever ended up handcuffed and carted off to jail, she would easily don a matching pair of cuffs so that I wouldn't face confinement alone. Yesterday I raided the the medical supply cabinet in Simone's hospital room to find goodies that had huge happiness potential. I had a blast whipping together a balloon bouquet fashioned out of blue and white latex gloves. It turned out really cute and made her room quite festive.

Simone gets me. Without saying a word my twin knows exactly what I'm thinking. She'll usually throw a subtle look that only I can read. Her look is like a picture that says a thousand words. Sometimes the look will say, "Are you with me?" Other times the look will say, "Don't look at me or I'll burst out laughing." Laughter is another thing I enjoy about our twinship. At the oddest times she and I are overcome with laughter. Most of the time it can't be squelched. She'll give me a look and I'll immediately know what it means and then both of us will crumble with tears-down-your-face, laughter. To an outsider, it's the oddest thing. It's like laughing at a joke that only the two of us can understand.

As I was packing for my visit, I had to fight the urge to pack up my world to show my sister the things that I knew only she would appreciate. If I could've, I would've packed my "yay me" chimpanzee; the cute, little cymbal clapping monkey that brings a smile with a simple wind. I would've loved to pack up one of the very best presents I ever received- my furbaby, Domino. Simone blessed me with Domino after her female shih tzu had a litter of pups. I trusted Simone to select the one with only the most docile, loving personailty. For a quick second, I doubted her choice...the biggest brute of the bunch. But, she assured me that he was a total love muffin. She told me that he never whined, complained or demanded. She described him as a total teddy bear and he was. To this day, Domino remains one of the very best presents I've ever received. His loyalty is astounding. In fact, my husband tells me that since I've been gone, Domino remains by the door awaiting my return. Oops...got a little side tracked. I did, however bring a few oldie dvd's, again the ones only Simone would appreciate. We watched an old Shirley Temple movie and hope to watch the adventures of Ma and Pa Kettle and the first season of "A Family Affair" with Buffy, Jody and Mrs. Beasley. She and I also share a love of the Little Rascals- Our Gang Series. I am comforted in knowing that we both enjoy the same goofy things.

Last night we did our nails. I again raided the supply cabinet to find the tools to create fingernail embellishments. I painted tropical plumerias on both of our fingernails. They turned out marvelous! We still have a grab bag of things to do but as I glance at the clock, I realize our time together is slowly winding down since I'm due to leave for home this evening.

This time when I leave, I will try my best not to cry. (Oh shoot...tears are welling up in my eyes as I write this.) I will try to psych myself up into thinking that I will see Simone again tomorrow. (Even though I won't) I will comfort myself and remember how much better she is today and remind myself that even if I'm not with her, she will still totally be okay. I will think about the fun we've had, the people we've met (Some of the nurses were awesome..Cynthia, Elizabeth, MeeHee, and Angus) and how although she was in the hospital, we were together and everything felt right with the world. I will leave reassured that you are and always will be in the very best of loving hands and that Jeff and your precious family will have your back even when I can't. I will hold tightly to our dreams and remember that through God all things are infinitely possible. 

Many of Simone's blogger friends have expressed how special she truly is. I agree that my twin is one very special lady and I am so thrilled that you've had a chance to get to know her as I have. Since this ended up being a bit long winded, I've told her that she needs to peek her head out soon and let you all know how she's doing.

Although this birthday wasn't at all as I expected, I feel so blessed because I had a chance to briefly share it with someone that I love so much...my soul sister, best friend and the only person who can answer, "you too," when I say, Happy Birthday! Happy birthday, Neecy!!!


Mari said...

Happy birthday to both of you! You and Simone sound a lot like me with my sisters - and I've been known to get into a hospital cabinet too. :)
Have a good trip home and thanks for updating us.

Brian Miller said...

so i can say happy birthday now on the actual day...smiles...cool on doing each others nails...that has to make her feel better..travel light

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh no! Simone is back in the hospital. I am so sorry to hear that. Sending big hugs and healing prayers your way.

Thanks for the update and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both.

xoxo jj

Anita said...

Hello Simone's Twin! I'm sorry to hear about Simone's setback. So glad, though, that you were able to be with her during some of this challenging time of her life.

Thank you for taking the time to update us and to speak from your heart about your sisterly bond. She talks about you often; it's nice to hear from you, too. I sense that you are just as caring as she is.

Continued prayers for you, Simone. Get well soon. And, I wish both of you belated birthday greetings. May you be blessed with many, many, more!

Terra said...

You are so sweet to care for Simone and cheer her up, as only a twin can do, and to keep us updated on this blog. I am sending a healing prayer for Simone.

Annesphamily said...

I hope your birthday was the best! What fun to be a twin! My middle daughters honey has a twin sister. He is always passing wonderful compliments to her! It is such a sweet thing to witness! The bond must be like nothing else although I must share when my oldest sis (Pat) was alive, one year she and my middle sis (Mary) and I sent each other the exact same Mother's Day card! I still get a chill thinking about it! Simone you will heal! I've been talking to God! He really does listen! Just give yourself the time and all the precious rest you need! Love and Hugs from me, Anne to you and your beautiful twin! :)

Veronica Lee said...

Wishing you a very belated Happy Birthday, dear friend!

I am soooooo sorry I missed this post but then I haven't been blogging regularly these days.


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