Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas traditions gone wild!!!

Since I'm the over the top kind of girl, I tend to over do it on quite a few, puppies, shoes, get the picture. Problem is, I run out of space to hide place things.

So, Teen Boo and I decided to have a little party…you know, make a few ornaments, eat, listen to Christmas carols. Problem is, the list of things to make grew and grew. Before long, $40.00 later, we had about 15 types of ornaments to make.

It may end up being an all nighter. But, one plus to all of this is if by chance there’s a job layoff, I may be a shoe in for one of Santa’s elves.

Ho Ho Ho and all that jazz!!


Rebecca Jo said...

How much fun though... I wanna come decorate ornaments!!!

Sabrae said...

Oh that sounds like a lot of fun!!! More parents need to do that kinda thing with thier kids! I commend you!!! we want pictures of the ornaments tho!!! lol

Soxy Deb said...

Yay Fun!! What time should I be there?
What do you mean I wasn't invited?

I'll settle for pictures then. :)

Anonymous said...

Now had you been a tad closer I may well have popped round to join in. I love making decorations - well when I have time that is!

Hope it wasn't an all nighter and you are now tucked up snuggly in bed!


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