Monday, July 13, 2009

Moving on

I've been "told" not to discuss things dealing with my ex and his wife, any further. I was also told not to have any communication with him and he with me. This being told by an unnamed party but one that you can read between the lines.

I have a problem with this. This is my blog and I refuse to allow someone to dictate what I should say and not say on my blog. I have never written any untruths but maybe the truth is a hurtful thing? I've also not purposely mentioned names for that very reason, to provide privacy for those people who wish to remain nameless.

So, here on out, I will not talk about the ex having an affair with the person that he is now married to. I will not write about the fact that she is attempting to dictate her wishes yet, isn't woman enough to speak English to me to express her views. I will not talk about how she claims that I'm causing problems in their marriage by blogging, when the problems existed the moment they hooked up. I will not talk about the fact that she is my oldest daughter's age and yet feels that she has the power to manipulate her wishes in a house that her name is not on. I will not block her from my blog because if she doesn't like what she's reading, she doesn't have to read it.

I will talk about my daughters who I'm so very proud of! I will talk about how it took both my ex and I to raise such wonderful, intelligent, beautiful daughters. I will talk about the memories of them growing up and in that case, if he was a part of that memory, I will not mention or give him credit for that memory, in order to abide by the unnamed person's wishes - even though he is deserving of that credit.

I intend to be there when our first grandchild is born and when our youngest gets married. If she doesn't like that, I will no longer give a moment's thought.

I will from this day on forgive her for her stupidity and distrust while inwardly, not outwardly, expressing that I'm glad that she now knows what it feels like to be on the receiving end of things. I will not waste a moment of time feeling sorry for her but will let her know that if my daughters are ever pushed out of their dad's life because of her manipulation and insecurities, I'm stepping in.

With that said, I now resume this regularly scheduled blog.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

The more I read your blog, the more I like you. :)

You go girl!


Ev'Yan || apricot tea. said...

This is so sad. I don't even know if I should say anything about it because this "unnamed person" might become offended by my words. But if I could be honest? I think all of this is BS. & I'm so proud that you stood up for yourself yesterday & told them BOTH how it is. They needed to hear it, regardless if it hurt or stunned them. This is YOUR blog... & you are speaking nothing but the truth here. If this "unnamed person" doesn't like what she sees here, she doesn't have to read it.

It's like the saying: If you don't like it, DON'T LOOK AT IT! It's just commonsense.

& I hope this unnamed person realizes how immature & ludicrous this all is. She needs to grow up.

Anonymous said...

Hi there.... without knowing much of what is going on here... one thing remains a FACT. This is your BLOG and you ARE able to BLOG what you please!

Perhaps if certain people weren't nosing around reading your blog... they wouldn't have the chance to feel offended.

The mere fact that you two are not friend's puzzle's me as to why she deems it necessary to grace YOUR blog with HER presence... I mean.... I only visit my friends and those I wish to be friends with. I can't imagine snooping around playing the curious cat and then when my feelings get hurt, I run and complain about finding out something that I had no business knowing from the start! THE NERVE!!!

Girl... This is your blog... your private thoughts that you wish to share with your blog buddies! BLOG ON and whoever don't like can BLOG off! (hehehehe)

Donna Marie

Lin said...

I have a neighbor who watches and copies everything we do. If we get a new roof, so does she. If we get a new grill or a new car--so do they. She sees that we are happy and thinks that 'things' are the way to be happy like us. So, knowing that--I periodically put up an old building permit in our window to make her wonder what we are up to. Or we get boxes of expensive big screen TV's and computers, etc. from friends to put in our trash to annoy her. It's just so darned fun to mess with her head.

Maybe instead of talking about Mr. and Mrs. Knucklehead, you should do like I do--talk all about the lovely things you have now and how much they are missing out on. Oh sure, a little dig here and there is fun, but ignoring the idiots will drive them CRAZY! I promise you. It's the best get-even.

Don't you see they/she is miserable?? Let her sit in her own pile of poop and wallow in it. Don't give her any more ammo, pally. I'm telling you--it will drive her more crazy. :)

email me sometime--I hate discussing it where Knucklehead (how do you say that in Spanish??!) can read it.

Angel said...

My daughter was the victim of a man who cheated on her, victim yes. Because the perpetrator are guilty of murdering a marriage. I count both guilty, the man who cheated because he was stupid, and the women who did not have enough self esteem to find a man of her own, so she took someone else's.I have to wonder though, if you get someone in this manner how can theirbe any trust? Because if he cheated once...You know? My mom used to say once a cheater always..I have found that to be the truth, in rare occasions its not.
So now you understand the mis trust. :) It is, however still a free country and just like they were free to do as they wished, so are you free to write whatever.
there is such a thing as, the 1st amendment. :)
You have hit in one of two subjects that incense me...

mother goose said...

woohoo, way to be empowered! You said she was young and is OBVIOUSLY insecure with herself and still feels you a threat. What a sad way to live with a man that you should have complete love and trust in. I mean, that was the past and she is his present. But, I see why she feels so inept because look at the shoes she has to fill.

Sandi said...

Oh my hell. I am so glad we are going to dinner to on Wednesday. We have much to talk about.

Oh I have so much to say, but I will bite my tongue until Cheesecake factory.

lagirl said...

"she is my oldest daughter's age"
WHYYY do men do this??!!

You are WOMAN - so keep on roaring.
It's your right.

Tami said...

That woman sure has issues. She needs to step the heck back..and let YOU be YOU. How dare she tell YOU what to do. I can't believe she would do that.. your girls deserve to have those memories she shouldn't dictate to you or your girls about that.. wow, I'm boiling!
She needs to change the channel.. when I don't like a commercial.. I CHANGE THE DAMN CHANNEL!


travel girl said...

You. Are. Awesome!!

Veronica Lee said...

Way to go, Simone! One of the pleasures of blogging is to be able to vent and share our thoughts and feelings with our online pallies.

blueviolet said...

That was beautifully written! It's YOUR blog though. You should be able to write whatever you want!

Ina in Alaska said...

Well now. I will not use any bad words here BUT I care not a whit about anything the current wife has to say. She may also look forward to the same treatment you received if your ex's past behavior is any clue. What goes around comes around. I cannot stand these women who steal men, uproot children's lives and create misery.

If you, current wife, are reading this, don't look for me to hand you any have nothing but my worst wishes for a miserable life and karma will certainly get you, girl.

Danica said...

Wow, I have a curse word to this unnamed person on the tip of my tongue but I will refrain as I know you don't like profanity. :)

You are a wonderful person and the more I read your blog, the more I love getting to know you.

If unnamed dirt bag wife doesn't like what she's reading, then perhaps she shouldn't be reading.

And if SHE EVER tries to push your daughter's father out of their life, I'll stand right next to you as you beat the crap out of her, even if it is with just words.


Tooj said...

I find it so difficult to understand why grown people can't get along? Yes, along the way, one person surely hurts someone else. It happens. But the focus has to turn, at SOME point, to the only common ground remaining.


If there are no children, nothing remains common.

Isn't there more to LIVING life than constantly picking at the scabs of wounds that should be healed? It needs to be respected that you have "common ground" with your ex and communication will have to occur, it NEEDS to occur. It's silly that people try to eliminate communication and think that it will SOLVE the problem. Do you oftentimes solve your problems with zero talking? I don't! :)

You do YOUR BLOG as you see fit. If it's helpful to you to air things, to speak about things, to "talk things out" through writing, you keep on doing it. I haven't read your blog but a few times, however, I already feel the need to come in here and "check on you". :) YOU have a wonderful Tuesday!

Julie said...

Dear Unnamed Person:

Karma is a b*tch. What you have put out into the world will come back to haunt you.

I promise you that.

You should fear the retribution headed your way far more than you should be concerned about what is said on this blog.

I feel sorry for you. Someday, somewhere down the road, your life will be hell.

And you can thank your homewrecking ways for that.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Good for you! It's your blog, and you have the right to speak the truth. You don't name names, so there's no invasion of privacy. Everyone has the right to tell their own story--that's been proven in the courts. Hold your ground!

Heather said...

I could have sworn there was something called freedom of speech...maybe things have changed, but I didn't know someone else could dictate to you what exactly you do and do not write about on your own blog. Keep on doing your thing!


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