Saturday, December 12, 2009

Creative Saturday

I'm excited to celebrate the Christmas holiday by giving away a brand new Nintendo Wii Fit Plus. I have the Wii Fit and trust me, the Wii Fit Plus has way more to offer!

Note: This is ONLY the Wii Fit Plus with the balance board and not the Wii Console. You must purchase the Wii Gaming Console to use Wii Fit Plus.

If you'd like to enter for a chance to win, please go here for the rules and the opportunity to enter.

There's also a gorgeous vintage jewelry set that Menopausal New Mommy is giving away. The giveaway ends tomorrow and trust me, it's worth entering! Go here to enter.

Today was spent using thrifty creativity. I found a few gift items for my family from the thrift store. That may sound bad to some but not to us. We all share the belief that it's not the package that the gift comes in that makes it special but it's the giver that gives it that makes it special. I wish I could show you some of the gifts but that will come after Christmas. I've also made a few gifts too.

I also plan to make a candy and cookie platter this week to give out as gifts.

Have you made any gifts this year? Did you have a Creative Saturday?


Saranne said...

My cookies are baking in the oven as I read and write! Love your attitude about gifts - it mirrors mine! ox

Veronica Lee said...

I was at my neighbour's place to watch her bake a fruitcake. LOL, this is as creative as I can get!

Sharon said...

My side of the family (13 of us) are having a homemade/second hand Christmas. Its been fun getting stuff together for them, and now we're on to class gifts, and teacher gifts.

Our teacher gifts are the same every year. We donate to World Vision, and buy text books for a classroom in a third world country. Which we will do every yaer our youngest is in school.

Our class gifts this year, are homemade bookmarks made from left over card stock from my old job, and some of the millions of stickers that are floating around the house.

We've also been recycling potato chip bags since our municipality had a garbage strike in the summer. I'm in the process of turning them into cute ornamnets. (pics to follow on my blog when they're done)I LOVE LOVE LOVE the love that goes into a homemade gift.

Elle Bee said...

We did make some gifts this year. And I love thrift store shopping. It's much better for the planet, and my wallet!

Ina in Alaska said...

I made my soft ginger cookies today, then went out for some chocolate santas to round out the cookie plates. Listened to Christmas carols while I baked and especially enjoyed Tony Bennett's Christmas Cd. What a singer!! Anway, the hubs and I will hand out the cookies tomorrow evening to neighbors.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Our Saturday was filled with a wonderful family holiday party. It was a great time.

I made a fruit salad-- not exactly creative but it was good.


Life with Kaishon said...

I think practical gifts are the best kind! I LOVE when they are things that can be recycled from a thrift store. That is just AWESOME! : )

Menopausal New Mom said...

The most creative thing I did was wrap up the balance of my gifts. Only my daughter's sock left to do. Had to wrap the stuff,she is always rooting around the closets looking for dress up clothes.

sherry ♥ lee said...

My creative Saturday was good. I was going to bake some cookies and knew I needed icing sugar. Bought that and then when I was ready to begin realized I had no butter (we use Becel not butter so of course that wasn't on my mind!). Got the butter so TODAY is cookie day!! :)

I made quite a few Christmas cards to mail to friends and family and that was good too!

As for making my gifts this year - haven't done that though I am going to make a house warming/Christmas gift for my friends...a blessing bowl. Got the idea from a woman I blog with -- I'll have to buy the bowl (and thrift will be good for this!) as I don't throw pottery...and then I'll fill it with blessings I've typed and printed from my computer. When guests come to see them they will be welcome to take a blessing and make it for the family and their home. Isn't that a wonderful idea????? Could be a Christmas gift all on it's own.

blueviolet said...

I did bake a batch of cookies but that was about it, I think. Sadly, I'm lacking much creativity. :(

Deidra said...

I'm finishing up a quilt to give to my son this year. I've been "working on" this quilt for five years.

OK. The truth is that I've been thinking about working on it and it's been packed away for the last four years. A few weeks back, though, you inspired me to dig it out and finish it. I think I'll have it done for Christmas!

Nezzy said...

I make tons of fudge, dipped pretzels, homemade truffles to give to others. I love to watch Hubby's face as I give his faved dark chocolate fudge away. He has never caught on I always make a batch and stick it back for him. My bad!!!! Nobody said I was nice.

Have a wonderful day enjoying the joy of the season!!!

Danica said...

I handmade all of my Christmas cards this year and Miss Kassidy handmade 7 Christmas cards. Sat we spent time working on her blanket for an infant at a homeless shelter. She had a school project to make this blanket so I hope it turned out well!


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