Saturday, February 6, 2010

Creative Saturday

Although I didn't have a very creative Saturday since I'm still trying to feel more like myself again, I've had a great opportunity to catch up on some book reading. My goal is to read two books a month and last month, I read 3 and so far, I've finished one and I'm on my way to finishing another. The first book I read in January was:

I give it a 5 book rating. Set in the civil rights movement the story is told with three of the main characters, Skeeter, a budding journalist, who was raised affectionately by a Black maid, Aibileen, a Black maid who raised 17 white children as her own and Minny, a Black maid who often does things her own way and seldom holds back from reacting from off the cuff. In an era where Blacks were treated as unwanted strangers, a secret friendship forms between the three of them, as Skeeter sets out to write the Black maids stories.

It is historical and passionate and real. It was one book that I didn't want to put down until I was finished.

The next book I read was:

I give this novel a 4 book rating.

Mudbound is set on a Mississippi cotton farm after World War II. Henry McAllan has dragged his wife, Laura, and their children to the remote farm. Laura christens it "Mudbound" and struggles with the difficult life that comes with it. Henry's father, Pappy, is bossy, racist, and misogynistic. They are joined by two men coming home from the war, Henry's brother, Jamie, and Ronsel, son of Henry's black tenant farmers. Ronsel is enraged at the treatment of blacks in the Jim Crow south, but he and Jamie became fast friends. Told from the perspective of six different characters, Hillary Jordan's debut novel has won the Bellwether Prize for literature of social responsibility and has received mostly positive reviews. - San Francisco Chronicles

I expected this book to have a similar tone as The Help and unfortunately, it didn't. It just made me feel angry at racial injustices while trying to understand human cruelty and hatred.

My last book read was something lighthearted and reminiscent of my own childhood:

Growing up, the 4 girls similarities in their upbringing yet differences that could possibly tear them apart but through the adversities of growing up, first dates, family secrets, celebrations and monumental occasions, the girls friendship never wavers. I gave this one a 5 book rating because too many times I found myself laughing, nodding my head and relating to so much of each of the main characters feelings and emotions.

Last but not least:

I was excited to find this book at a thrift store. I figured it would be a wonderful way to "bond" with Boo and talk the "football talk". Unfortunately, there was too much side stories and tidbits that didn't pertain to me learning about the game that keeps my Boo enthused. I got lost trying to memorize each of the players and their responsibilities as well as the referees, umpires and hand signals. I decided to dust off another book that I had started, A Girl's Guide to Sport and read that one instead.

I give this book a 2 book rating.

Did you have a Creative Saturday?

Have you read any books that you'd like to recommend?


Ina in Alaska said...

Not really a creative Saturday. It snowed Friday night so Saturday morning I had to shovel the deck and the yard. Did laundry and grocery shopped. Came home. Put away groceries and shoveled more because it snowed again .... I wanted to make a big pot of chili but after all the shovelling and ice chipping off the deck stairs I am now sitting by the fire reading blogs... xoxo

Farila said...

You tried your best to prison me with few more books (books are my prison, cannot do anything until I finish them) but I am not picking up another book until I finish all the important things on hand... I swear I will not.

Frau said...

I need to get back to reading...I heard good things about The Help. Have a wonderful Sunday...feel better!

My name is PJ. said...

I spent time reading each of two books, the latest by Anne Tyler and the latest by Barbara Delinsky. I may finish one this weekend, but no promises.

I watched the snow dump down on top of us. Does that count? ;)

blueviolet said...

You've been really busy with your reading! The Help is on my list too. I haven't read in a few weeks, I don't think!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness. I want to print out your review of the first two books and buy them at once. There is nothing I love more than cracking open a good book! Perfection!

Menopausal New Mom said...

Oh Simone, I'd love to have the time to read a book. Those long flights to and from Maui would have been ideal but I spent that time coloring and drawing instead Lol!

SMJ said...

No creative Saturday here, too busy whining over the snow & having to traipse thru it to get to Target and the grocery store.
The Help is a book I have been wanting to read for several months now. I pick it up everytime I wander thru B&N. Guess it's time to pick it up & pay for it & bring it home!
I like your goal of 2 books a month, I may have to copycat you.

Ace said...

I just added the first two to my own "to read" list. Sigh. It's a mile long now.

Nezzy said...

Mudbound sounds quite intriguing, I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the reviews.

Have a wonderfully blessed Sunday dear Simone!!!

Lin said...

I haven't read lately, so I guess I need to go visit Borders. I love to pick out a new book! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Multiple personalities.. said...

I've seen 'The Help' at the bookstore a few times. Since you gave it such a good review, I think I'm gonna have to add that to my 'TO BE READ' list. Hope you're feeling 100% soon!


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